This blog began as a travel journal for my summer excursion to Japan. I lived in the land of the rising sun for a year prior to this trip, but sought to see all the things I hadn’t the chance to in my first experience. Sadly, I never completed writing on my experiences when I returned. The following year found me a victim to economic circumstances. While I was able to find work, the dependability of said work was questionable, and the periods between employment was less then pleasant. Seeking stability, I chose to take a position teaching English in Japan.

At that time I utilized this blog to occasionally record my thoughts and experiences at what was an interesting time in Japanese history. I must admit much of what I recorded after initial events was rather self-focused and pedantic. The goal of this blog at that time was to serve as a diary of sorts so I offer no apologies.

Now that I have returned to the United States this blog is taking a slight change in direction. The current iteration of this blog is a mix of several elements. First is the diary component, as I re-acclimate myself to American society and work through the visa process to bring my fiancee to the United States. Second is the gallery component, as I display photographs and stories from my time in Japan. The third is faux academic as a work to explain everyday, often overlooked facets of Japanese culture and lifestyle.

I welcome all questions, comments, suggestions and criticisms so long as they are mature and constructive.


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  1. Jake C.

    Hello, I’m not 100% sure you’re still even active with this blog, but I was googling around and noticed you lived in Kato City in Hyogo Prefecture for a little while. I’ve just been informed of my placement in Kasai city which seems to be quite close on the map. I’m having a hard time finding any information on the web about the area and didn’t know if you were 1) familiar with Kasai at all 2) would mind telling me a bit more about the area.

    I’m mainly concerned about the idea of being extremely isolated from other foreigners once I get to Kasai. I know it’s a small city by Japanese standards and I don’t really know if there are other smaller cities around that are easily accessible and worth spending time in.

    How was the English speaking foreigner presence in the area? I’m fairly confident in my Japanese so if worse comes to worse I’ll take my time stuck in rural Japan as a learning experience, but it would certainly ease my mind a bit to know there will be a decent English speaking population.

    Lastly I was interested in how easy travel was to Kobe and Osaka for you.

    If you wouldn’t mind talking about these things free to e-mail me at the address listed with this post or just reply back to this (Hopefully it will send me a notification?)

    If you’re not much for talking on the subject maybe you could connect me with any folks you know still in the area?

    Any information or advice would be much appreciated.


    January 17, 2013 at 5:57 am

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