You can never go back

I had an interesting night tonight to say the least. While overall it wasn’t a page turning story, I can say I networked with a well connected member of the ruling party in this country. Not something to smirk at.

We ended up going to AgeHa tonight. A place I haven’t been to in a year. Even then my experience pales to the first memory. It is a place that holds strong emotions and changed my view on clubs. Nothing of note happened tonight, but even that doesn’t matter.

Any one who is an avid reader of the blog knows this began as a travel journal during my initial return visit to Japan. I tried to keep up with all that happened but time and laziness overtook me and I left it lingering mid story. One crucial tale I left out was my trip to AgeHa, strongly pushed by Nick and one I would not have considered on my own. But it is one I am eternally grateful for.

At AgeHa, I let loose, had fun and flirted like it was going out of style. I got phone numbers and made friends. I even got a date out of it with a woman who sings like an angel. We wrote letters after I left and had another date when I returned but two years and a pile of distance made it more than doomed. She’s engaged now. Funny how life works out sometimes.

But I wouldn’t even give clubs a chance if it wasn’t for that night. So what if things don’t work out. They might next time.

But I can’t expect it to be like last time. I came to Japan this time around hoping it would be like the adventure I had with Nick. I hoped it would be the same thrill and excitement as that vacation where I had no expectations but to have fun. But I should have known better.

You can never go back. You can’t recapture the times you once had. You can only push forward and make new memories. We can look back and wish things were like back then, but that does no good.

I am older now. Perhaps wiser. Both of those change so much of my experience. But I am still having experiences. I am still living. Still exploring. One day I will settle down. My adventures will be at an end. And maybe, just maybe, I will write them all down. But until then I will venture forth.

Until my hands blister.
Until my heels bleed.
Until my tongue grows weary from telling my tales.


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