Year in Review

I have a number of friends who say they don’t have any regrets because the decisions they made led them to where they are today. I say that’s a bullshit cop out. To regret is to learn from past mistakes so we do not make them again. To not regret is to not learn from these mistakes (though thinking of the friends who generally say they have no regrets, this is probably also true of them.) Everyone has regrets. Doubly so if all the decisions you made lead you to where you are currently and you’re not happy with your current situation.

I certainly have my regrets over the past year. While not the worst year I’ve had, the past year was not a very good year for me. The year as a whole feels like a lost year. I feel there was little personal growth or advancement. I learned little; mostly that I am not meant to live in the countryside and that I hold bureaucracy in disdain. I can think of few memorable moments, no notable romances and limited amounts of adventure.

I cannot say the year was all bad. There are some friendships I am very happy for making and I know will be lasting. I will secede that I cannot forsee coming to my current situation with out going through the events past year (though there were probably better ways of traversing those events and making decisions.) I am happy with where I am today, and excitid for what may come. If this is a form of karmic debt -that I must pay with the past year to arrive at today- I accept that.

I find myself in the metropolis of Tokyo for the coming year. Here there is greater diversity, increased internationalism and more opportunity than any other place in Japan. Already I have a network of friends living in the area. In my brief time here I already find promise for its quick expansion.

Entering into this city amidst the chaotic aftermath of Tohoku Earthquake and concerns over the Fukushima reactor promise certain challenges. I look forward to the coming adventure. I probably said the same last year as I set to re-enter Japan. Perhaps that was the problem. Last year there was no adventure. There was little of anything. This year, adventure or not, living in Tokyo promises to be interesting.


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  1. Melissa Evans

    Um…How can you say you had limited adventure? 1) You live in a foreign country – adventure every day!
    2) Live lobster in a bar. Seriously. Adventure.
    Plus, I bet you learned more about yourself than you think now. You don’t always realize it right away. And, due to your fantastic and amazing sister’s (;p) suggestion, you’re putting your adventures on paper and possibly getting a book together. HEllO?! Pretty impressive. Even if you don’t think your life was adventurous, I’d say it was. I’m super proud of you bro.
    And I’m posting that as a comment to your blog on purpose. I want everyone to know.

    April 11, 2011 at 10:48 pm

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