Catching up: A Brief Summary of Events

For all of my friends and family who read this on occasion. Since I haven’t kept up with this blog as well as I would like, here is a brief summary of events since Christmas break until now.


Get into a car accident when a woman pulls out of her driveway without looking. Go flying from my scooter when I attempting to brake quickly. Break the base kunckle to my left pinky finger as a result. Woman looks at me and then drives off.

Have surgery on said pinky. Two wires re inserted to clamp the knuckle shut.
Report accident to the police. Police rule that I am at fault, and essentially state I simply should have taken my chances with colliding into the woman’s car.

Police determine my international car license not valid for use with a scooter. This is contradictory to the information given to me at the Akashi Licensing Center.

Begin searching, applying and interviewing for next contract.


Wires removed. Pinky finger at ninety percent.

Interview through Interac Osaka Branch.

Skype interviews with other companies.

Spend six hours at police department with English speaking translator from Kobe filing accident report.


Two job rejections. Two job offers. Neither what I am looking for.
Begin to worry about oncoming year, as do not have a place to live or job lined up. Time is running out.

Meet up with friend who is temporarily expatriated to Mitsubishi’s Kobe Office. Vent on concerns. Pick up two girls at Sannomiya station.

Buckle down on applications. Rewrite cover letter. Send out ten more applications in one night. Line up three more skype interviews.

Find an Interac Tokyo job posting. Contact the office directly and speak with the man managing the account. Schedule a skype interview. Have skype interview. Receive job offer and begin placement discussion.

Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami. Quickly inform family I am safe. Attempt to contact freinds in Yamagata, eventually learn they are safe.

Fukushima reactor panic. Contact my friend at Mitsubishi as she works in nuclear safety. Begin educating myself in nuclear technology, radiation and radiation exposure under the guidance of an expert. Spend the next two weeks trying to calm and inform friends and family in regards to the situation. Write a kinda long blog post.

Begin packing. Apply for three year visa extension. Do not flee Japan.

Travel to Tokyo for a weekend to see Nick once more before he returns to America. I also use the time to hunt for a room in a guest house. All guest houses have recent vacancies of around fifty to eighty percent of their total tenancy due to the recent foreigner exodus. Guest house hunting is easy. Find a guest house.

Tokyo is eerie. The city is dark, quiet and almost solemn. Very un-Tokyo like
Finish packing. Give final lessons. Receive three year visa extension. Attend graduation. Ship boxes. Say my farewells.

Move to Tokyo. Less dark, less quiet. Very slowly showing signs of returning to its decadent self.

Attend farewell party / fund raising benefit for earthquake victims at an all-you-can-eat all-you-can-drink yakiniku restaurant. Group raises over two thousand dollars.

Settle into guest house.

Meet up with Tara. See Yokohama. Eat a lot of Chinese food in Chinatown.

Sit down and write a blog entry for all of my friends and family who read this occasionally since I haven’t kept up with this blog as well as I would like.


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