I haven’t written in three months. If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware of that. Before my last post I was quite excited for my friend’s visit over summer vacation. What I didn’t anticipate was my friend being antagonistic -at times passively and other times openly- the majority of her visit.

I can’t quite explain why she was antagonistic. I spent those two weeks miserable and demoralized. I spent a good chunk of money, the remainder of my vacation time, and missed out on seeing other friends and places to be miserable with her. I was too much of a sap to kick her to the curb. The  thought of abandoning someone in a foreign country who didn’t speak the language or know the culture seemed harsh. In retrospect I should have done it anyway. Hindsight is twenty-twenty they say. It should go without saying that the friend who visited is a friend no more.

Enough self pity and whining. This is starting to seem like a Livejournal circa 2002.

In the past three months not terribly much happened. I had a motor scooter accident, won a lobster through a game of Bingo at a bar, got food poisoning, and hiked a mountain with one my schools. Nothing terribly interesting. There’s a good crowd of people in the next town over I’m starting to spend time with regularly, and a JET in Kobe I get along with very well. The importance in that being I’ve felt a bit alone lately. I’m focusing on building the friendships I have more than trying to meet many new people like I was before.

People are what’s most important right now I suppose. As this is my second time living in Japan the everyday minutia isn’t as novel to me as it is to some of my associates. I also don’t have the money to travel as I would like to. There are many things I would like to be different, but I suppose that is always true of life. Both of those topics are entry worthy I suppose. Writing for another day.


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  1. Post

    Was the food poisoning related to the lobster you won at a bar?

    November 8, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    • Menzie

      Surprisingly no. I went on an enkai (work party) with my teachers from my largest school. At the izakaya (Japanese pub) they ordered a bunch of food, including chicken liver. They were very keen to see if I’d eat the chicken liver, so I did. It’s no big thing. I’ve had it a t yakitori places before. The difference is every other time it was cooked. This time it was raw. Something I didn’t realize until it was in my mouth. At that point it’s too late.

      So, yeah. Raw chicken liver: not good for the health.

      November 25, 2010 at 6:24 am

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