What comes and goes

Things are finally starting to slow down. My classes aren’t as busy as they once were, though I sometimes get stuck with a class of sixty students (my home room teachers like to combine them sometimes.) I still have five or six classes a day, with the occasional slow day of four classes. It’s like a mini-holiday. Busy as it is, I guess I’m just getting used to it. Perhaps I’m getting better organized and more prepared ahead of time.

While my school life is balancing out my social life is still as fervent as Cerberus.. While I shouldn’t complain ,this is something I find a mixed blessing. I enjoy having a day or two to myself on occasion. I need it to decompress.

June in particular is rather packed. This past weekend I went to Kyoto for Taku’s barbecue. This Friday I will go to Akashi for my motor scooter test, and on the 26th I’m going to Tokyo for the friend of a friend’s welcome back to Japan party. No shortage of activity, though I do suppose I could squeeze something into the weekend of the 19th.

Taku’s barbecue was a nice throw back. I ate a a whole lot of meat with the nonbei guys. Shogo and Kana were there, as was Etsuko and one of her friends. It takes me back, and makes Japan feel more like home. I wish Junichi and Yasu could have made it, though Tokyo is quite a ways away. I’m looking forward to Masayuki, Hisashi and Tadao returning as well. I hadn’t seen my Berkeley Japanese friends in quite some time, Kana included. I’m very happy I went, especially for being able to see Kana after so long. She’s talking of moving to Kansai, either Sannomiya or Osaka. Most of her friends live out here, though her family would prefer she move to Nagoya if at all. I’ve put my vote is in for Sannomiya.That would be a much closer than Gifu, and I approve of that.

The trip to Tokyo promises to be an entertaining one. This party is for someone my Kiwi friend James in San Francisco put me in touch with. They met during James’ five years in Tokyo, and while they both left a year ago James’ friend is now returning on a fairly permanent basis. From what James tells me this guy puts on parties that are epic. Not a word James uses often. I’m looking forward to it.

The motor scooter test in two days is something I’m not terribly worried about. Since I’m going for a 50cc license I simply need to submit some forms and pass a written test (in English) about the rules for the road. Stop at red lights, don’t cross yellow lines, that kind of stuff. From the practice tests I took online and the comments from my friends who have taken it, the written test is incredibly easy. My main concern is getting there on time, filling out any necessary forms and figuring things out with my limited Japanese. I should be fine though.

Here’s to hoping next week I’ll be putting down the roads of Kato on my new scooter.


One response

  1. mom

    God be with you as you take your test. Mom

    June 9, 2010 at 9:10 pm

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