On the Golden Week Holiday

At the beginning of May is a set of several national holidays called Golden Week. Given the busy schedule I have, this is something I was quite looking forward to. Unfortunately I spent most of the holiday dealing either with allergies or a nasty cold. Nothing too serious, but the cold was annoying enough to drain me of all of my energy. I spent two days sleeping and doing nothing else. I also spent about $400 on medicine and allergy treatments. Part of that was trying different medicines / allergy medications and finding them useless, then buying new ones, repeat. Next time I`ll just go see the doctor. Finding medicines in foreign languages is no fun. Plus, medication wise prescription strength Japanese is the same as regular strength American. Thankfully by this point I`m all better.

Despite being sick, Golden week wasn`t a total bust. Before my cold hit me, I spent a day in Himeji with Lyndy, the awesome Brit I met at training. I also forced myself to go to a BBQ at B. Polpo, and went to Oni Odori with Chris (the ALT that lives in my apartment building) and Shiota-sensei on the final day.

I didn`t to party it up on Golden Week like I had hoped, but the 14th will make up for it. A number of my fellow ALTs and I will be hitting the Osaka club scene for the evening, and making our way to Shakey`s for some all you can eat pizza. It is payday after all. What better day to celebrate?


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