Catching up part 3

The rest of this week (beginning Monday April the fifth) was used primarily to settle in and purchase necessities such as groceries and cooking utensils. I helped Tom purchase a bicycle, and tested out the one I had myself. Up until Tuesday the sixth -when I was introduced to the board of education and my schools- I explored the area as best I could. My first day of school were the seventh, though classes had not yet begun so they were both half days. For most schools actual classes did not begin until the following Wednesday, so it was simply transition time at first, which is good because it became very busy very fast. This has both upsides and downsides, but mostly requires me to be very organized.

On Friday Tom, Chris, Tenesha and I went to B. Polpo: a fairly happening bar down the street from me. Popular with persons of all ages interested in English, but leaning more towards the mid to late 20 and 30 somethings. People even coming from neighboring Nishiwaki. The owner is fairly young and very kind, and the place has a great vibe. This has since become my regular hang out and social group since the owner host social events such as dances and barbecues, one of which I went to the day of my posting this. Coming to B. Polpo makes me feel more a part of the community and comfortable. Both Shiota-sensei and Chris are great resources of assistance, and very kind. They’re added into my support network of Shogo and Kana, Junichi and Nick, and a host of others.

Disclaimer: Since I know my mother and father read this blog, the past statement is largely for them. Mom and Dad, doin’ just fine. Got a lot of good people out here. I look forward to introducing you when you come to visit.

The following Saturday Tom and I went to Himeji, since the previous weekend we arrived just as it closed and he never visited before. We took a leisurely walk around the grounds, and in the early evening head to Kasai to visit Natalie and Tara, our fellows from training. For those not versed in Japanese, Kato (加東) reads literally “entrance east” and Kasai (加西) reads literally “entrance west.” As you may have guessed, Kasai is to the west of Kato. After I fixed Tara’s internet (Geek muscles flex!) we went over to Natalie’s, drank a bit and unwound.

The next day Shiota-sensei brought Tom and I to a hanami hosted by B. Polpo. Unfortunately the weather was rainy so we mostly barbecued under the bridge and didn’t much watch the sakura. There was a good sized crowd though. I’d say twenty-five or so people. We barbecued, drank, and enjoyed each other’s company. Good times all around.

Ending it here for now. On to the next post.


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