Losing in a battle against jetlag

As the post title suggests, I’ve felt the effects of jet lag a bit more than normal. I find myself waking at seven in morning and in bed by nine at night. Yesterday I napped from noon to four, when I was supposed to be meeting my friend for coffee. Sorry about that Yumemi.

I think I have it under wraps now. Adjusted and awake, I set off to dine and drink tonight with Junichi, a former Berkeley ex-pat. Nick and one of his housemates- Ben- will be coming along, as will some of Junichi’s coworkers. Two of my Interac cohorts are also supposed to meet us- Jennifer and Jennie. If I understand correctly they both arrived today. I’m hoping jetlag doesn’t strike them as it did myself, as I would be sad if they skip on tonight. I would understand though.

Despite the travel weariness I have managed to get out and about some. I spent Wednesday wandering Nishifunabashi, stumbling upon some interesting stores and a slightly hidden shrine. The area is a gorgeous city suburb, reminiscent of scenes for countless Japanese film dramas. Simple and all encompassing. If I can motivate myself to unpack my camera I’ll definitely get some shots off. I’m trying to disturb my bags as little as possible before I leave though. Repacking would be a pain.


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