The good news keeps on coming

Tuesday I met with Hisashi for dinner and a bit of language exchange. I want to know more about his work as a landscape architect, and he needed someone to help with a presentation he is giving on a recently completed project. His team built a community park in Oita prefecture that will serve as a new habitat for the local killifish. I was able to learn a lot about the type of work he does and how he does it while helping with his grammar. A win for all.

Hisashi also helped me navigate the Kato City webpage, and pointed out a number of interesting things to me. For instance, there is a Muromachi period samurai graveyard, a number of temples, and some decent camping. There is also an aquarium and amusement park, but these are more geared towards children. Kato City is famous for its natural beauty. There are plenty of places to take photographs of, so it seems like I won’t be too bored there.

I’ve been catching up on some of my e-mails, though I am still behind. One of my expat friends is returning to Japan around the same time I am going. He lives in Kyoto, so he won’t be too far away. Hisashi and Masayuki both have family close by, and work conferences in Kobe in the fall. So I’ll get to see them too. My friend Shogo, who recently moved back to Japan, told me he lives in Akashi in Hyogo now. Akashi is closer than Kobe to Kato City, so maybe I’ll be able to see him a lot. I’m starting to like Kato City more and more.

I was also invited by the Hyogo JETs to a Hanami at Himeji-jo (cherry blossom viewing party at Himeji castle) in early April. Not only will this be incredibly fun at an amazing place, but it will also be a good way to build a group of friends in the area early on.

Since two of my expat friends are also returning back to Japan soon, they are having a going away party on Sunday that I am invited to. I have my own party coming up a week from Saturday.

And my tax refund from the state of California came today.

I’m marking today a win.


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