Linda Linda

Yesterday I learned I can lift over a hundred pounds. This morning I learned my body doesn’t like it when I do such a thing. I ache.

I spent the past several days with boxes, packing, unpacking, repacking, shipping and labeling. Since I don’t plan on returning to California after Japan, a I’m shipping a lot of things back to my parents. I’m also discarding a bunch of stuff, which is difficult given my pack rat leanings. I also planned on shipping four boxes of items to Japan, but when the reality of its expense hit me, I paired it down to two. Even then, those two boxes are costing me $200. At least now all of my bags are packed, boxes set and I’m ready to go.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m just anxiously awaiting my departure date. I can’t really think of anything else to do. All that’s left is to get a haircut, pay off the remainder of my cellphone bill, buy omiyage, and convert my USD to JPY. All of which I am doing on Wednesday, except for the money which I’m doing next Friday.

Dana came over last night. We had dinner and caught up on our lives minutia. She’s still upset I’m leaving, but dead set on visiting me. That’s the sign of a good friend if anything. Dana is one of the few friends I have out here who is more interested in hanging out one on one and getting to know a small group of people, rather than going to all the big parties and having everyone know who you are. The curse of a city steeped in the social networking wars I suppose.

I often muse on the trouble with leaving for somewhere new is you always want the best parts of what you leave behind to come with. Dana is one of those parts I will miss, just as Post and Camellia are parts I miss of Boston. I find myself going out less lately both to conserve money and so I won’t remind myself of what I’m leaving. I know I’ll get plenty of that with the going away parties. Truth is I’m tired of San Francisco, but I wouldn’t mind bringing a few of the people here with me as my carry-ons.

Both while in Japan and before I leave I know I’ll be singing a lot of karaoke. I have my standard repertoire, but I figure I should add a few new songs before I leave. I’m practicing Linda Linda about once a night. I’m sure my roommates are loving it…
I’m not sure what else are standards in Japan, but I’m learning Natsu Nandesu by Happy End, and will ask Masa and Hisashi for suggestions. I hope to floor some locals when I not only know about the songs, but can sing them start to finish.

I should bring a Burger King crown and name myself king of the karaoke.


One response

  1. seishirou2candy

    Love that you’re learning “Linda, Linda” 🙂 I didn’t know the song before I watched “Linda, Linda, Linda,” but I became pretty obsessed with it because I thought the movie was so awesome!

    March 14, 2010 at 7:44 pm

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