A boring list of necessities

I’ve spent most of this week taking care of boring necessities. Let’s take a look in bullet point format. I’ve:

-Contacted my credit card companies and alerted them that I will be in Japan.
-Filled out a change of address form
-Set my cellphone to cancel on March 16th
-Canceled my Zipcar account
-Sold my desk
-Canceled my Netflix account
-Set out my clothes for the day I leave
-Packed my bags
-Packed some boxes
-Got estimates for shipping boxes to Japan
-Repacked boxes when I found out how expensive it would be
-Shipped two boxes to Japan
-Shipped three boxes to Boston
-Set up a forwarding address

I can’t think of anything else I need to do before I leave. I’ve taken care of pretty much everything, and I’m just counting down the days.


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