Food eaten update

Saturday Pilar was working at Thieves’ Tavern, so I stopped in for a few drinks. Afterward she took  me to a San Diego style taqueria in the Castro. My first time having a wet burrito, and it was oh so good. We followed this up with some good old karaoke at Encore, along with the goons. Good times.

Spent Sunday making use of my commuter pass before it expired. Rode the cable car from Powell to Fisherman’s Wharf and back. Took a lot pictures. Ate at In ‘n’ Out Burger. Went to Little Osaka to meet with some Japanese class mates for study group. Good review, and it was a good time. They told me they were glad I came and asked why I hadn’t before. I have no real reason other than laziness and being cheap ($7 round trip BART ride.)

All and all a pretty good weekend.


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