Visa acquired

Picked up my passport with my brand new work visa yesterday. This visa is much more fancy than the one I had last time. It has my picture on it and everything. Kind of redundant considering it’s more or less laminated into my passport, which has a picture of me. One less worry to take care of, and only two weeks until I leave.

Since I’ll be teaching elementary school children, I realize I’m going to need a lot of energy. In addition to advice from my doctor (because my glucose is a bit high and needs to be burnt off) I’ve begun a new exercise regiment. In addition to my regular arm curls and push ups, I’m also riding at least one mile on my bicycle each day. On Saturday I rode from Shattuck to San Pablo and back, and when I return promptly collapsed on my bed. I’m so out of shape. Those little kids are going to kick my ass.

The fact that most of the area surrounding my place is on a gradual incline, or that my tires are a bit deflated, doesn’t help my efforts. I suppose it is pushing me more and this getting me more exercise. I was hoping for a more gradual regiment increase. I’ll go to the gas station down the street tomorrow and inflate my tires. Since Friday is my last day of work, I should add a bit more to my work out routine next week. I’ll have more time for it anyway.


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