Who’s on first

This is how my phone conversation with the Interac Placement Representative went:

My phone rings, and I answer.

Me: Hello?
Interac Placement Representative: (with natural Australian accent) Hi, is this Keith?
Me: It is indeed.
IPR: I’m [name omitted] from Interac. I’m calling to discuss your placement options.
Me: Hi [name omitted,] I’m very glad to hear from you. Fire away.
IPR: We would like to place you in Kato city, in Hyogo prefecture.
Me: I’m not familiar with Hyogo prefecture. Give me a moment, I’m at my computer and I can look it up straight away.
IPR: You’ll be teaching four or five elementary schools. The contract isn’t completely settled yet, so we’re not certain exactly how many schools.
Me: Sounds good. I’ve pulled up Kato city on Google maps and it looks pretty good. Not too far from Kobe, and Osaka and Kyoto appear accessible. I’ll take it. I’ll take it.
IPR: Perhaps you should take a little while to consider it first, and send me an e-mail when you certain.
Me: Is driving required?
IPR: Driving is not required for this contract.
Me: Perfect then. I’ll take it.
IPR: You really should take some time to think it over and e-mail me when you’ve decided.
Me: I’m pretty certain I want this placement. Unless.. You said you called with my placement options; do you have any openings in Chiba?
IPR: Unfortunately we’ve had some trouble with contracts in that region this season. We’ve lost a number of contracts in Chiba this year, so I don’t have one available for you. This year we have more recruits than contracts, so if you don’t take this one I cannot assure you that I can find you another placement.
Me: Okay then, I will take placement in Kato city.
IPR: Are you certain?
Me: I’m certain.
IPR: You should take some time to think it over before making a decision.
Me: … Okay. What is your e-mail address? I will do some more research, perhaps sleep on the decision and respond to you by e-mail.
IPR: My e-mail is [e-mail omitted]. I will be expecting your e-mail.
Me: Thank you. Take care.
IPR: Good bye.

Some people just don’t know how to take yes for an answer. I suppose he needed an e-mail as proof of confirmation, but he could have just said that. People are silly sometimes.


3 responses

  1. teehee, this made me laugh… either you had a different recruiter to everyone else, or you thought a Scottish accent was Australian 😀

    February 26, 2010 at 9:39 am

    • Menzie

      These accents all sound the same to my American ears. Though it has gotten me in trouble before, having called Kiwis Ozzies. They don’t like that.

      February 26, 2010 at 5:36 pm

  2. I’d be courteous and give someone time. I don’t know if the guy himself was ready to hear that you’ve accepted.

    That’s kind of the deal with job interviews. You don’t want to sound too eager. I _know_ this is different and you’ll get a spot one way or another, but if someone tells you to think it over, there’s no harm in doing so.

    February 27, 2010 at 7:15 am

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