…is the hardest part.

It’s been a week since Saba called to let me know she received her placement in Kakegawa. I am happy for her, and potentially a bit jealous. She has a pretty good placement, and one I wouldn’t mind having myself. While the city she is in is small, it has a Shinkansen station and is maybe 30 minutes to Nagoya. She’ll have to drive, which means she’s either living out in the sticks or driving out to them. But a car also equals more freedom. All things are trade offs of sorts.

The reason I say potentially jealous is because I still don’t know what my placement is. Honestly, I’m starting to worry. I didn’t expect to hear immediately after Saba did (though I wouldn’t have minded if I did) but I expected to hear by tonight. The waiting is driving me crazy now that the two other people I know doing this have their placements. Why haven’t I heard mine? Did they forget about me?

I don’t want to bother the Tokyo office because I know they are super busy, but I’m concerned I may have fallen through the proverbial cracks. If I don’t hear anything by Wednesday, I’ll shoot them a quick and polite e-mail checking on the status of my placement.


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