Back in Boston

Since I didn’t have the chance to go back to Boston for Christmas this year, I made it a point to visit this past weekend. I forgot how cold Boston can get. The temperature was soberingly cold, which I suppose is fitting since most of my activities revolved around drinking.

I’ve noticed that the more I go home the fewer people I see, even though I know if I put a little more effort I would see all of them. I guess I’m just not motivated to anymore. They’re still my friends, but our lives have diverged somewhat. I’m sure I’ve mused on this before, and I realize it’s just a natural part of life. I think the important thing is that I was really happy to see the people I did. Outside of family I spent a lot of time with Post, Eric and Camellia as well as Dave Lindquist. Garret and Annie made brief guest appearances as well. I’ve missed the simple pleasures of hanging out in the common room having a few drinks and just talking. Here in San Francisco the situation seems to always be “what’s the happening bar” or “what’s the big event? who’s going to be there?” This may just be the crowd I’ve fallen in with since I returned from my first trip (I’ve fallen out of pace with my old set of San Francisco friends, though I do love them dearly.) The vibe does wear on me though.

Highlights of the weekend included the following:
Doma for dinner, Lemajun for lunch, Boston Cream Pie, Dunkin’ Donuts, Sam Adams Brewery Tour with Post, Lindquist, my sister and her husband Bob, pub lunch with Post, seeing Annie at the pub, seeing Garret at Sunset, open house with the family and family friends, Superbowl with Post and Camellia and having the last day to just relax with my parents.

These are all things I won’t be able to do or have in Japan, though I suppose I could learn how to make Doma and lemajun as most of the ingredients exist naturally in Japan. I can always buy the pita bread off some of the Turkish immigrants. Post also gave me an amazing present: Inbound #4, a Comic History of Boston. Aside from being a good read, it will be an excellent teaching tool for my future students to both learn English and American history. They could also make good presents, so I’m asking Post to buy two more for me. I’m also excited that Post will be in a Japan for two weeks with a group of his college friends. While we are still working out the details, we plan on hanging out for a few days there.

In Boston as in San Francisco, everyone is still asking me the same questions: Where are you going to teach in Japan (I don’t know) and when do you leave (March 15th.) While I know patience and flexibility are an important part of this process, I’m getting anxious to find out my placement. To exacerbate the issue, I received a call from Saba during the Superbowl that she received her placement. I’m very happy and excited for her, but now I want to know my placement all the more.

Should be pretty soon now…


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