Taking Care of Business

A little more than a month left until my one way flight to Japan, and I’m making good progress on my to do list. I’ve notified my credit cards that I will be overseas for a year, sold my desktop computer, my 37 inch wide screen LCD HDTV (I miss you baby) and a host of my other belongings. On Monday I plan on giving my two weeks notice at work. The only thing left is to find someone to take over my spot on my lease and to receive my deposit. Once that is done I’ll have completed all obligations.

I’ll be off in Boston this weekend to see family, as I probably won’t be able to for two years. I’m looking forward to seeing Post, Camellia, Eric and Lindquist as well. I do wonder how things would be different if I stayed in Boston after my first year in Japan. Enough people asked me to, but I was quite set on returning to California. I’d probably be living with Post, Camellia and Eric in that awesome townhouse they had (I was invited to move in, and that place was pretty sweet.) I can ask what ifs until the cows come home though. This is the life I have ahead of me. Should I return to Boston permanently one day, I know they will be there with me. I really can’t think of anything better than that.


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