Monkey’s Go Home

I’m so sick I don’t even know why I am writing this. Perhaps it is because I am sick and this is all I can do. I thought alcohol was supposed to kill bacteria?

Last night was Kana and Shogo’s going away party. After a year for Shogo and a year and a half for Kana they are both returning to their respective cities in Japan. I won’t shy away from the fact that when Kana told me in November she was moving back to Japan, I cried that night. She was a big part of my life, and it’s hard to think of life with out her. Now that I know I’ll be in Japan as well I feel a bit better about her leaving. We might not but down the street from each other when I get to Japan, like we were here, but it’s a hell of a lot closer than the 4,500 miles away she would be. Just have to see where fate take us.

I was supposed to be party hopping last night. An appearance at Kana’s going away party then shuffling off to the rager on Treasure Island. I’m disappointed I wasn’t able to go to both. Sick as I was I didn’t want to leave bed. I almost didn’t go out at all, but Kana and Shogo’s going away party was something I couldn’t miss. Who knows when I’ll see them again. Plus, the party was a ten minute walk away. I had a good time, some good food, and more alcohol than a person should be taking while on Dayquil. I suppose it’s better to be sick this weekend rather than next weekend, when I go back to Boston to visit / say farewell to the family.

I met a number of new expats and saw a lot of the old faces. Most of them know I am leaving to teach English in Japan, so that becomes the first topic of conversation. The questions everyone keeps asking me is where will you live in Japan (I don’t know yet) and when are you leaving (I do know that.) And of course discussions on where do I want to teach in Japan, what suggestions they have, what I plan to do when I get there… all fine topics of conversation, but I feel like a broken record. Then again, I don’t bring any new topics for discussion to the table so the blame really falls on me.

Hisashi is really rooting that I end up somewhere near Fukoka city. It’s a selfish reason, but at least he admits it. He wants me to give free private English lessons to his daughter. I’d do it. He’s already promised to set me up with his university students to help me out with any of my needs -technical, life style or social- should I live in Fukuoka. Hisashi’s a man of is word so I know it would happen.

I’m hoping I end up in Chiba. I’ve yet to receive my placement, so I could be anywhere. The areas I requested, though, were Chiba prefecture (as Nick and a number of his friends who I’ve commandeered live there, plus it’s close to Tokyo,) near Kobe (as it’s a gorgeous city close to Osaka and Kyoto) or near Nagoya (as it’s the third largest metropolitan area in Japan, it’s a very vibrant and livable city, and it’s where Kana lives.) So long as  I don’t end up in Tohoku again. I enjoyed and appreciated teaching in Yamagata, but I want to try a different part of the country now. One with less snow.

Despite not knowing where I’ll be teaching, I’ve already bought my plane ticket. I actually bought it a little over a week after I was offered and accepted the job. They tells us not to buy our tickets until we know what our placement and when our training is, but that would be expensive. I did the math. It will cost me less to buy a ticket in early January and pay surcharges for changing my flight than it would to wait and buy a ticket when I know my placement. By about $300. Plus, I want to arrive early to spend time with Nick and his friends in Chiba. He’s offered to put me up once again, so I’ll be flying out March 15th and staying with him until whenever orientation is. Hey, if I get a spot in Chiba maybe I can move into one of the other rooms in the guest house. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Just counting down the days now.


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