Japan Day 11, July 13th

The problem with having a new toy like my DSrom cart is that I spend to much time playing around with it. I spent a good deal of time downloading DS games and testing everything to make sure it worked. I didn’t get out of the guest house until eleven thirty, making it twleve thirty by the time I got to the train station, with my Shinkansen not leaving until one.

I decided to head out to Nagano for the day. There’s an interesting hike listed in my Lonely Planet guide starting in Meguro and ending in somewhere whose name escapes me at the moment. The hike is supposed to take about three plus hours, with a few forests lining the path and detours to waterfalls. The towns themselves were denoted as historical cultural landmarks and preserved in their original states. No technology from after the 1900s is allowed to mar the villages’ appearance. Traditional is it gets, but a little difficult to get to. A place like this should make for excellent photos.

The train ride to Nagano takes two and a half hours, getting me there around three. When I get to Nagano station, it takes me over half an hour to find the train I need to take to get to Meguro since it’s not clearly labeled. At all. The other things I find out when I ask the train agents about the train is that it only comes once an hour, it take two hours to get from Nagano to Meguro, and with the hike taking three hours there was no way that would work out today. If I do this it I’ll have get in super early, so maybe I’ll plan on doing that tomorrow.

Since I came all the way out to Nagano I decide to walk around downtown a little bit. There’s not much to see, and even less to do. After an hour of taking pictures and messing around with my camera I decide it’s about time to head back. Since Nick is working late tonight he isn’t home when I get back to Tokyo, so I bum around Akihabara for a little bit. I get back to Nishi-Funabashi around eight thirty. We get some dinner, watch some South Park and call it a night.


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