Japan Day 10, July 12th

Very little to write about today. I take the shinkansen back to Tokyo and get confused on which train to take back to Funabashi. After half an hour I figure it out.

I have Nick show me how to use my new DS rom cart, and start some laundry. There’s a Mexican restaurant that Nick wants to try, and will head out once my laundry’s done. After three tries at the dryer, my laundry is still wet. Seeing that it’s futile, I concede to air dry my clothes. The always dry funny when I do that though.

Nick and I convince some of his flat mates (Ken, Otis and Shizue) to come out to dinner with us. Prices and portions were expectedly high and small, but the food in general was decent. We all order Coronas (at six hundred yen a bottle) and Nick teaches the others how to put the lime into the bottle before drinking. We cheers and have a good meal, the food seeming quite exotic to our compatriats as they are two Japanese and one Jamaican. We don the sombreros in the corner and take a photo with Shiuzue’s camera, getting a few strange looks from the table next to us. Before we leave Nick and I steal two pair of the “Mexican chopsticks.” They’re simply disposable chopsticks with a paper wrapper of a pickle bandito on it. I kind of like being able to say I have chopsticks from a Mexican restaurant. It’s a confusing statement.

Shizue was the only among us who did not speak English, and only understood a little bit of it. We talked a bit with each other about ourselves, using as my limited Japanese and her limited English, and the assitance of our dual language friend Ken when we got stuck. She’s sweet, and kind of cute. Unfortunately she’s moving out of the guest house into her own apartment at the end of the week. Nick and I will be in Osaka during her going away party and consequently missing it. I’d like to see her again when we come back. Perhaps I can convince her to come out with us again some night.


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