Japan Day 6th, July 8th

I woke up early to the sound of my cellphone literally yelling at me. The alarms on Japanese cell phones are much more aggressive than I am used to. I snoozed for another half hour, and then started repacking for the trip to Hiroshima. Kana was a bit sad that our trip together was over, and worried what would happen when since she won’t see me for a month. We went to brunch and talked, and I tried to let her know that she has nothing to worry about. My heart broke a little when she told me “Sometimes when I’m with you, I want to kiss you.” I know the sentiment too well, and know that we have a long road ahead of us. We said our goodbyes, and I boarded the Shinkansen for Hiroshima.

Most of my day was spent on trains. I left around 11am and arrived around 4pm. By the time I checked in to the hostel a lot of places were closed for the day. I decided to strike Hiroshima castle off of my itinerary. I’ll be seeing enough castles on this trip, and from what I understand there’s nothing particularly special about Hiroshima’s, The rain put a bit of a damper on my plans as well, though it was a welcome break from the heat and humidity. Despite the rain I decided to head over to the A-Bomb dome and take a few pictures, none coming out how I wanted them to. In the middle of my picture taking a homeless man fluent in English came over to harass me about being white and American. I went with my normal agree and apologize tactic for A-Bomb individuals, and after 10 minutes of being berated by this guy decided I’d had enough and walked away.

I wandered through the city to the entertainment distrcits to check out the night life, which I wasn’t too impressed with. Similar to Nagoya’s nightlife, but smaller. I played some fighting games at an arcade to cool off from the heat and indignation, then wandered some more through the malls. I made my way to an okonomiyaki restaurant suggested by the hostel. Before I left Kana told me I had to try Hiroshima style okonomiyaki, as it’s different from Osaka style. The meal was huge and delicious, and I definately like it better than Osaka style. Afterwards, I made my back towards the hostel.

I passed by the A-Bomb dome on the way back to the hostel, and took a few more pictures. Again the same homeless man “greeted” me. When I told him my motherside of the family was from Armenian, he was a bit friendlier to me. It probably doesn’t hurt that I bought a poem off of him for 500 yen either. In the long run, the guy has troubles and needs the money more than me. I don’t support how he goes about getting it, but a man’s gotta eat.

I returned to the hostel around 10pm, and realized there might not be much for me to do in Hiroshima. I’m only here for one more night, so a trip to the peace memorial, the sake district, and another visit to A-Bomb dome may be all I need.


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