Bitches Are Really Tripping

I just learned that the BART (San Francisco’s subway) employees are slated to strike on July 1st. My flight is on July 2nd. This is a problem, because I planned on taking BART to the airport. It was basically my only option. Given how touch and go BART can be sometimes anyway, I’m not going to trust it or any alternatives they set up to get to the airport while they strike.

It’s quite a long ways from Berkeley to SFO. Taxi would cost about $100+. All my friends with cars are going to have to be at work when I need to get to the airport.

My sister suggested and airport shuttle. It costs $30 more than BART would, but it will actually get me there. Super Shuttle it is. This will be my first time using an airport shuttle service, so fingers crossed.

Also, and I’m going to preface this with I love and support unions and their right to strike. But BART employees, striking because you don’t approve of a plan to reduce your already insanely good benefits and healthcare packages, with no layoffs or salary cuts during a massive recession? Cuts made in addition to a fare hike all so that the BART doesn’t collapse financially? You don’t like it? Boo hoo TOUGH SHIT. Times are tough, but you still have jobs. Cushy ones with big pay for not so complex work. Take the hit with an option to renegotiate in 6 months so you can get your old packages back if the economy improves. You want to shut down the only public transportation system for crossing the East Bay and the system used by thousands of people whose jobs already hang in the balance? Do it over something respectable you greedy bastards.  You give a bad name to unions everywhere.


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